Miso 3


Hot & Sour 3

Chicken Noodle  3



House Green 5

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber served with ginger dressing


Seaweed 7

Japanese seaweed salad with sesame seeds


Avocado 7

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber and avocado

on top served with ginger dressing


Kani Salad 7

Imitation crabstick, cucumber, masago served with mayo


Seared Sesame Tuna 12

Mix green salad, tomato, mango and lightly

seared tuna served with sweet chili sauce


Sashimi Green 12

Lettuce, mix green salad, cucumber, seaweed salad, salmon, tuna, red snapper served with ponzu sauce

Sushi Bar Appetizers

Avocado Boat 10

Choice of spicy tuna or salmon sit on avocado

served with wasabi mago


Spicy Tuna Martini 10

Extra spicy tuna, wasabi tobiko, sesame oil and

scallion served in a martini glass


Salmon Carpaccio 11

Sliced Cajun lightly seared salmon

served in ponzu sauce


Yellowtail  Jalapeno 11

Thin slices of yellowtail, jalapeno and served

with red sauce and ponzu sauce

Pepper Tuna Tataki 11

Sliced lightly seared pepper tuna and

scallion served in ponzu sauce


Sushi Pizza 12

Choice of tuna, salmon or yellowtail


Sushi Sandwich 14

Choice of tuna, salmon or yellowtail



Sushi or Sashimi

Kani 2


Red Snapper 3


Tuna 3


Smoked Salmon 3


Salmon 3


Yellowtail 3


Masago 3


Red Tobiko 3


Wasabi Tobiko 3

Sushi Bar Dinner

served with miso soup

Sushi Dinner 18

Chef choice 8 pieces sushi and a spicy tuna roll


Sashimi Dinner 18

Chef choice 12 pieces sashimi served

with a bowl of sushi rice


Sushi for Two 35

Chef choice 16 pieces sushi, Alaska roll, spicy tuna roll


Sushi & Sashimi for Two 38

Chef choice 8 pieces sushi, 8 pieces sashimi,

spicy tuna roll, Alaska roll and California roll


Party for Ten 200

40 pieces sushi, 20 pieces sashimi, chef

choice of 10 rolls (rolls and hand roll) and

5 customer choice of signature rolls


Rolls and Hand Roll

Avocado 5

Cucumber 5

Oshinko 5

Tuna 6

Salmon 6

Yellowtail 6

California 6

Philadelphia 6


Salmon Skin  6

Ari Special 7

Alaska 7

Boston 7

Tuna Cucumber 7

Tuna Avocado 7

Yellowtail Cucumber 7

Yellowtail Avocado 7


Spicy Tuna 7

Spicy Salmon 7

Spicy Yellowtail 7

Cooked Salmon Avocado  7

Spicy Salmon Avocado Top 9

Spicy Tuna Avocado Top 9

Futomaki 9

Rainbow  10

Signature Roll

Wasabi Tuna 13

Spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber inside topped with seared sesame tuna and wasabi mayo


Yummy Salmon 13

Spicy salmon, avocado, cucumber inside topped with lightly torched salmon and sweet soy glaze


Spicy Girl  13

Spicy tuna, cucumber, asparagus inside topped with tuna avocado and sweet soy glaze


Salmon Mango 13

Salmon, avocado, mango, tobiko inside topped with salmon and mango


Yama 13

Yellowtail, jalapeno, cucumber inside topped with

yellowtail, avocado, red onion and miso sauce


Mexican 13

Tuna, jalapeno, red spicy sauce, asparagus topped

with salmon, jalapeno and red sauce

Volcano 12

Tempura kani and avocado inside topped with

crunchy spicy tuna and red spicy sauce


Naruto 12

Salmon, tuna, yellowtail and avocado rolled with

cucumber served with ponzu sauce


Crunchy Naruto 12

Choice of crunchy yellowtail, salmon or tuna rolled

with cucumber served with wasabi mayo


Rocky Mountain 13

Spicy tuna and avocado tempura roll topped with spicy kani, cucumber, masago, crunch and spicy mayo


Godzilla 13

Red snapper, salmon, kani, avocado and

mango tempura roll served with sweet chili

sauce and spicy mayo


Jimmy 13

Salmon, cucumber and avocado tempura roll

topped with crunch, spicy tuna,

sweet soy sauce and wasabi mayo


Japanese Teriyaki

Served with rice and miso soup

Teriyaki meal includes broccoli, corn,

carrot served on hot sizzling plate with

thick and flavorful teriyaki sauce

Chicken 19


Grilled Salmon 22


Rib Eye Steak 30


Kitchen Appetizers

Edamame 5

Salted immature soybeans


Age Tofu 6

Lightly battered fried tofu served with

radish tempura sauce


Nasu 7

Traditional eggplant with soy mirin


Mini Spring Roll 8

Homemade mini vegetable spring rolls,

served sweet chili sauce


Hot Wings 9

Fried chicken wings with sweet and spicy sauce coating


Buffalo Wings 9

Fried chicken wings with garlic sauce


Fish N Chips 11

Fried fish tenders and seasoned fries


Beef Satay 12

Grill marinated beef skewers

served with house sauce


Gindara 12

Grilled marinated Chilean sea bass with

sweet miso sauce


Seared Sesame Tuna 12

Lightly seared and sliced sesame tuna

served with lime sauce


Steak Tataki 12

Medium rare thin slice rib eye steak served with

spicy radish and truffle ponzu sauce


Popcorn Chicken 12

Battered deep fry served with spicy mayo


Beef Negimaki 12

Steak and scallion served with teriyaki sauce

Chef Signatures

Served with rice and miso soup

Lamp Chop  38

well-seasoned, served in special red wine sauce


Roast Duck Breast 29

served with balsamic teriyaki sauce


Chilean Seabass 38

pan fried Chilean sea bass served in house soy


Tomato Salmon 26

grilled salmon served in tomato ginger sauce


Fresh Herbs Branzino 28

pan fried whole fish with soy and fresh herbs


Chinese Kitchen

General Tso’s Chicken 21

Sesame Chicken 21

Sweet & Sour Chicken 21

Chicken Broccoli  19

Chicken Chow Mein 16

Mango Chicken 16

Eggplant Chicken 16

Curry Chicken 16

Mix Vegetables with Chicken 16


Hunan Chicken 16

String Beans Chicken 16

Beef Broccoli  23

Mix Vegetables with Beef 23

Hunan Beef 23

String Beans Beef 23

Happy Family 23

Pepper Steak 23

Crispy Beef 29


Noodle & Rice

Singapore Mei Fun

Vegetables 11

Chicken 14

Beef 17

House 17



Lo Mein

Vegetables 11

Chicken 14

Beef 17

House 17

Fried Rice

Vegetables 11

Chicken 14

Beef 17

House 17


Lunch From Kitchen

Mon. - Fri. 11:00am - 3:00pm

with hot & sour or miso soup and rice

General Tso’s Chicken 13

Sesame Chicken 13

Sweet & Sour Chicken 13

Chicken Broccoli 16

Eggplant Chicken 13

Chicken Chow Mein 13

Mango Chicken 13


Curry Chicken 13

Pepper Steak 13

Mix Vegetables with Chicken 13

Mix Vegetables with Beef 13

Hunan Chicken 13

String Bean Chicken 13

String Bean Beef 13

Bneto Box Lunch

Mon. - Fri. 11:00am - 3:00pm

with miso soup, salad,

sesame chicken, vegetables tempura

and 4 pieces of California roll

Steak Teriyaki Bento 16

Chicken Teriyaki Bento 14

Salmon Teriyaki Bento 14


Sushi Bento 14

Sashimi Bento 14


Rolls Bento 16

Any 2 Rolls from below selection


Asparagus cucumber

Avocado cucumber

Mango cucumber





Tuna avocado

Tuna cucumber

Yellowtail scallion

Crunchy spicy tuna

Crunchy spicy salmon

Crunchy spicy yellowtail

Crunchy spicy white fish

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